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Backup computer files over the internet

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Prevent data loss by fire, theft, computer crashes, a bad hard drive or accidentally deleting files.

What Pro Backup is

Pro Backup provides backup storage in different locations within Europe for a very low price, namely starting € 56,47 per year.

CrashPlan PRO software ensures safe access and automated storage. Not only in the office and at home, but also on the road. Your data is available always and anywhere. Restore is simple and fast.

Making a good 3-2-1 backup procedure is not difficult. Use our advice and services to put your plan together.

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  • The option of CrashPlan to distribute risks among several computers, may be decisive to other users. MacFan
  • The prices are incredibly low and those who think that such a price buster loses on service, have it wrong.Winmag Pro
  • I would store sensitive data, for example, not necessarily in the United States. Fachzeitungen
  • The software is extremely user friendly with the most simple and clear user interface of all.Computable


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