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Online backup: effective safety net

Online backup

Jargon buster

Online backup providers use the appropriate jargon to features in general. The main techno terms in alphabetical order:

Appliance solution for back-ups

a network device in the server rack that regularly creates back-ups. Some providers in our survey, can manage the appliance of an SME.

Bare metal recovery:

restoring a backup on (server)hardware without additional equipment required

Brick level-back-up (restore):

not to restore the entire Exchange Server(s) data, but only one mailbox or even individual messages.

Off-site location:

the backups are written to "own" equipment, but in a different location, for example in another branch of the company.


recovery of data and / or software (in the walk, ’to restore a backup’).

Seed load:

the first (initial) backup takes a lot of time, especially with online backup of dozens of GB's of data. Some providers may be accepting the first full backup on a disk submission, after which the backup continues online.

15 providers in the spotlight

A good backup provision is the most important safety net for small and large IT data disasters. An online backup solution is a good choice because of the convenience, safety and price. WINMAG Pro investigated the performance and the distinctive character of the main suppliers.

Author: Frank de Graaf

Backups are made for a reason. It is the intention that they can be restored, and preferably a little smoothly if the server is failing. Fortunately, many online providers in addition to the daily backup via an Internet connection may also collect the first full backup on a hard disk. In the case of an emergency it can also go vice versa. A courier delivers the disk with data quickly to your business. In addition to the functionality we map the cost of securing your business data to identify fifteen suppliers.

How we test

Freelance IT journalist Frank de Graaf has tested of any back-upprovider in this group test the backup posibilities for single PCs (workstations) and servers, especially Exchange Server. The backup client software of each provider, Frank let run for a few days. He looked during this period at the practical restore posibilities and the versioning (storage and recovery of different versions of documents). For prices and rates provided by the tester as much as possible translated to similar storage capacities, see the final table in this article.


  1. The winner in the test: Signet (Editor's choice)
    Rating: 9,0
    Rate 50GB server: € 89.- per month
  2. Focus on workstation: Jamby (Best value)
    Rating: 9,0
    Rate 'onlimited storage' workstation: € 4,16 per month
  3. Server recovery in no time: The Backup Provider (Best Value)
    Rating: 8,0
    Rate 50GB server: € 39,95 per month
  4. The lowest rates: Pro Backup (Best value)
    Rating: 8,0
    Rate 50GB: € 3,71 per month


Trial account:

50GB for 14 days

Pros and cons

  • by far the cheapest solution
  • nice software, even to operate by non IT staff
  • opportunities for backups at their own locations
  • easy restore function
  • moderate support for servers

Pro Backup

Simplicity is key to Pro Backup, but in very positive terms. The prices are unlikely low and anyone who thinks that when selling at record low prices loses service, has got it all wrong. A forgotten password was restored within a few minutes and we received actieve guidance from CrashPlan without the company knew that we tested the service for WINMAG Pro. There is no continuous protection, but a backup setting that every quarter every minute secures new or changed files. The software is suitable for servers, but only as file backup and not for securing loose parts.

Source: Winmag Pro, edition 2009 number 3
This article is reproduced with permission from Clipboard Publishing.

Online-Backup: wirksames Sicherheitsnetz Onlineback-up: effectief vangnet