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7 Web services that let you back up files and restore them from anywhere

Backups work best when you have multiple copies, at least one of which is both current and offsite. OS X’s Time Machine feature plus high-capacity, low-cost... [CrashPlan is rated with 4.5 out of 5 mice]


CrashPlan - Carbonite review

Many of you read about my poor experience with the Carbonite online backup service. After that experience I was ready to throw in the towel on online backup...


CrashPlan review - my new favorite backup

Backups are important, as I wrote about a few months ago. But there's a new kid on my backup block - CrashPlan. CrashPlan comes in three different flavors...


PC World's editorial review shows love for CrashPlan


CrashPlan Does Local, Remote, and Friend-Based Backup

Windows/Mac/Linux: Keep your data backups under your control with CrashPlan, a handy backup tool that facilitates local and, more inventively, friend-based remote, encrypted backups.


CrashPlan Central Slashes Hosted Backup Pricing

The price of Internet backups just dropped suddenly with CrashPlan's change to fixed rates for family and individual backups to its CrashPlan Central service.

CrashPlan Adds Direct-to-Disk Backups

Although Apple's Time Machine has done a good job of encouraging many more Mac users to back up than ever before, it doesn't provide a complete backup strategy.

CrashPlan: Backups Revisited

It does some cool things I've never seen in a Mac backup program before, and it does them in a wonderfully easy-to-use fashion.

CBS news

How Safe Is Your Data In "The Cloud"?

Rafe Needleman Has Long-Advocated Backing Up Your Computer’s Brain Online - He’s Having 2nd Thoughts after Carbonite losing customers' data. There's a creative in-between backup product, called CrashPlan. It's a way to keep backups off site, which is good, but still in the family.


Back up your mom with Crashplan

A new service, Crashplan, lets you back up your PCs and Macs to other PCs and Macs, either your own or those of your friends. For example, my wife can back up her laptop to my home desktop. The backup works at LAN speeds when she's home, so it's fast, ...

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