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After a clean install, no backups are made, how can I resume the backups?

If your computer crashes and you then formatted the drive and reinstall. Then you can restore backups with CrashPlan, but making new backups will not work.


Each computer is automatically assigned a unique number during installation of the CrashPlan PRO software. If this unique number - by the clean installation of the OS - is no longer present, your computer will be allocated a new number. By this new number, the re-installed computer will be seen as a new computer system, for which a new license is needed to make backups. At Pro Backup you purchase a set number of computer licences, and usually there is no more unused license in your account, thus making backups of the clean installed computer is blocked.


Set the unique number of the old computer system to the new clean computer installation.

How to?

  1. You install CrashPlan PRO client software on the new clean machine and have it running
  2. Start CrashPlan, and go to "Settings" tab, sub tab "Account"
  3. Click on the blue underlined text "Access your online account"
  4. Your web browser now opens with a list of all computers in your account
  5. Then choose from this list the blue underlined name of the old computer (which is already backed up)
  6. Now the "Computer Attributes" will be displayed. The second rule, called "GUID", and behind that is the unique computer number.
  7. Select and copy the unique computer number.
  8. Make sure the old computer is disconnected from the network or that the CrashPlan software is completely removed from the old computer.
  9. Return to CrashPlan PRO software client on the new computer.
  10. Double click on the blue CrashPlanPro logo (top right). A white entry line appears at the bottom of the application.
  11. Type there: guid [old computer number],exit
    guid 940436498524541521,exit
  12. And confirm with the enter key. The CrashPlan PRO software will now quit. CrashPlan PRO will now have the unique computer number you entered.

That's it. It synchronizes and prevents extra data traffic by unnecessary transfer.

Does the backup run, but it always asks for the username and password, check that the CrashPlan PRO software has been removed from the old computer.


Nach einer sauberen Installation werden keine Daten mehr gesichert. Wie kann ich das Backup wieder aktivieren? Na schone installatie worden geen backups gemaakt, hoe kan ik de backups hervatten?