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Computer … has been unable to reach any backup destination for … days

When your computer is unable to connect to a backup destination, the CrashPlan app displays the message “Unable to back up - no connection for … days” for that destination. Additionally, you might receive an email alert notifying you that the computer “has been unable to reach any backup destinations for … days”.

Follow the instructions in this article to troubleshoot the issue.


If you have multiple destinations, you can identify the destination with connection problems from the Backup tab of the CrashPlan app. Check the circle next to the destination's name:

  • Green Green dot means the destination is connected
  • Gray Gray dot ​means your computer can't connect to the destination

Re-authenticating with the destination

  1. Open the CrashPlan application
  2. Double-click the CrashPlan logo in the upper-right corner
    The CrashPlan command-line area opens
  3. Type this command: 
    ra, restart
  4. Press Enter ↵
    This closes the CrashPlan application, stops the CrashPlan service, and then restarts the CrashPlan serviceCrashPlan PROe - Command - ra, restart

Clear the CrashPlan cache

If re-authenticating with the destination did not resolve the issue, perform a reset of the CrashPlan application caches. your existing backups are not affected by clearing the cache.

Uninstall and reinstall the CrashPlan application

If the previous recommendations did not resolve your issue, perform a standard uninstall and reinstall of the CrashPlan application. A standard uninstall does not affect your existing backups.

Computer … ist es nicht gelungen ein beliebiges Backup-Ziel zu erreichen für … TageComputer … heeft geen enkele back-up bestemming kunnen bereiken gedurende … dagen