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Exchange Server, is there a backup agent available?

CrashPlan PRO does not have application-specific hooks to safely back up files that are always being written to (like SQL databases, virtual machines, Exchange databases, PST files, etc.). While open files are backed up by default, the nature of open files is such that the backup might not have all the data necessary to restore such files reliably.

CrashPlan PRO's VSS support can allow backing up open files in Windows. This is the same service that NT Backup uses. The VSS snapshot is then read for backup. But it is possible that all the files needed for a consistent (that is, usable) backup are not backed up at the same time.

Dumping application state

To increase the likelihood that CrashPlan PRO can back up and consistently restore files from this type of application (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, Exchange, Outlook, etc.) you need to use application-specific tools to dump/export a snapshot of the internal state to a file.

Application dumping links

  • We cannot explicitly endorse or test each of these application dump methods. We have provided these links for your convenience. If you don't find what you are looking for here, try an Internet search for <application name> backup.
  • When backing up large dump files, you may need to increase the backup interval to an hour (or more) to make sure the backup completes before the next scheduled backup starts. This is most important if you are backing up to multiple destinations.


  • SBS 2003, Windows Server 2003
  • Using 'Backup' to back up and restore Exchange data - Exchange 2007
  • Individual messages can be restored in a roundabout way if you first mount the database as a RSG (Exchange 2003 and higher). Exchange .bkf files are not very efficient with differential analysis. If you are going to try and backup the exchange databases directly, make sure you are also selecting the log files and that VSS is working properly with Crashplan. For critical databases, like Exchange, performing a test restore is the best way to have confidence in the process.

Access database

Adobe Lightroom



(Backing up outlook is not necessary if your data is stored in an Exchange server)


SQL Server




Exchange Server, gibt es eine Backup Agent zur Verf├╝gung? Exchange Server, is er een back-up agent beschikbaar?