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How can Pro Backup be so inexpensive?

Pro Backup is often very inexpensive in online backup price comparisons. With online backup of servers, the price difference is even very large.

Other backup services often offer a package tailored to an average backup strategy including technical support. This lets you pay for items you do not use.

Pro Backup provides individual building blocks to create your own backup plan tailored to your needs.

The CrashPlan Pro software lets you besides online destinations, backup to: external hard drives, computers at work and computers outside the corporate network. You can choose to hold backups largely in house and only partly outsource. Also, Pro Backup can provide a full online backup solution, in this case the price difference is smaller.

Price for 1 PC + 50 GB
Per month
€ 6,77
€ 4,71

Despite a one-time entry fee, the low monthly cost already in the short term provides for the lowest price in the market. However Pro Backup invoices in advance per calendar year.

Hardware differences

The hardware Pro Backup uses, is without redundancy. Therefore one of your online destinations for maintenance can be more often and for a longer duration not available. However, every Pro Backup destination is in a different geographic location and via another network connected to the Internet.

So multiple destinations provide for risc spreading and better availability.

Software differences

  • Destinations function independently of each other.
    • There is no replication between destinations/servers.
    • Your computer sends the backup – in turn – to any destination, this double sending consumes more upload bandwidth.
    • Timestamps of historical file versions in different destinations do not need to be exactly identical, caused by time difference between the moments of uploading.
    • In case of a calamity at a destination, then your computer will send the back up again.
  • The software has no plug-ins for specific server applications.

Pro Backup allows you to backup and restore connecting high speed, without bandwidth limits.


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