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CrashPlan PRO installation & setup for Pro Backup

CrashPlan PRO software install

  1. CrashPlanPRO installeren - Welkom bij CrashPlanPRO - Introductie - Welom bij het CrashPlanPRO installatie programma. U wordt begeleid dor de stappen die nodig zijn om te installeren.Welcome to the CrashPlan Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard will install CrashPlan PRO on your computer. Click "Next" to continue or "Cancel" to exit the Setup Wizard.Download the program for your operating systeem and start the installation process. You will find yourself in the introduction screen. On the left side you will see at what stage you are. Click bottomright on the button [ Next > ] (Windows) or [ Continue ] (Mac OS X).
  2. CrashPlanPRO installeren - Licentie - Software License AgreementCrashPlan Setup - End-user license agreement - Please read the following license agreement carefully. CODE 42 End User License Agreement For Crashplan - IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. YOU WILL HAVE ACCEPTED THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT IF YOU:  1) DOWNLOAD, INSTALL, ACTIVATE, OR USE CODE 42 CRASHPLAN SOFTWARE OR DATA HOSTING SERVICES; OR 2) CLICK THE 'I ACCEPT' BUTTON ASSOCIATED WITH THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. [X] I accept the terms in the License Agreement [ ] I do not accept the terms in the License Agreement - Advanced Installer --- [ < Back ] [ Next > ] [ Cancel ]The licentie allows you to print or save it as text file. To accept the license, click ‘I accept the agreement’ and then [ Next > ] (Windows) or [ Continue ] and then [ Agree ] (OS X).
  3. CrashPlanPRO installeren - Installatietype - Dit neemt 11,1 MB aan ruimte in beslag op uw computer. Klik op 'Installeer' om een standaardinstallatie van deze software uit te voeren op het volume 'iBook HD'. [ Wijzig locatie voor installatie... ] [ Aangepaste installatie ] [ Ga terug ] [ Installeer ]CrashPlan Setup - Select Installation Folder - This is the folder where CrashPlan will be installed. - To install in this folder, click "Next". To install to a different folder, enter it below or click "Browse&quot. Folder: C:\Program Files\CrashPlan\ - [ Bladeren... ] - Advanced Installer --- [ < Back ] [ Next > ] [ Cancel ]Now select the folder (Windows) in which, or the volume (the disk in Mac OS X) on which you want to install the software.
  4. CrashPlanPRO installeren - Installatietype - Dit neemt 11,1 MB aan ruimte in beslag op uw computer. Klik op 'Installeer' om een standaardinstallatie van deze software uit te voeren op het volume 'iBook HD'. [ Wijzig locatie voor installatie... ] [ Aangepaste installatie ] [ Ga terug ] [ Installeer ]CrashPlan Setup - Ready to Install - The Setup Wizard is ready to begin the CrashPlan PRO installation. - Click "install" to begin the installation. If you want to review or change any of you installation settings, click "Back". Click "Cancel" to exit the wizard. - Advanced Installer --- [ < Back ] [ Install ] [ Cancel ]Click [ Next > ] (Windows) or [ Installeer ] (Mac OS X) to setup using the default installation. After installation, the program starts automatically and you can setup CrashPlan PRO.

Setup CrashPlan PRO software for Pro Backup

  1. CrashPlan - CrashPlanPRO - Create your Account - Please enter your email address and password. This information identifies you and encrypts your files so nobody else can access them. [ ] New account [ ] Existing account, First name: John, Last name: Doe, Email: john.doe@crashplan.nl, Password: ********* Strong, Match, To improve password strength, add more characters, numbers and symbols. Registration key: TK4P-MU8P-7M2C-SSTW, PROServer host: nl.crashplan.nl:4282 [ Create Account ] First, create an account with your information.
    Click the button [ Create Account ].
  2. CrashPlan -  CrashPlanPRO - Backup - Welcome to CrashPlan - Click "Start backup" to begin backing up your documents and settings. Click Change... to choose the files / folders you want to back up. Backup destinations: NL-2404 [ Start Backup ] Files to Back Up: [ Change ]You are in the CrashPlan PRO program, in the tab ‘Backup’. Click [ Change... ] to select which data you want to backup.

    Tip - Check the boxes as early as possible in the file tree, then deselect the folders that you do not want to backup. An example: select the folder with your user profile and then remove the check marks from the folder 'Movies', 'Downloads' en 'Music'.
  3. Go to the tab ‘Settings’ to discover the possibilities of the program.

    General - Under ‘General’ you can set how much processor resources CrashPlan PRO is allowed to consume when you are active and away .
    Backup / Advanced - Under ‘Backup / Advanced’ you can change the file selection and change the number of versions of files you want to keep.
    Account - Under ‘Account’ you can manage your account information. Here you will also find a link to your online account.
    Security - Under ‘Security’ you can setup a data password to increase the security further.
    Network - Under 'Network' you can limit bandwidth consumption, for backing up over your internet connection.

    Tip - In case there are any delays on your Internet connection,
    don't choose "Run CrashPlan PRO during specified times",
    but instead choose to limit the bandwidth,
    you will continue to make backups to folders and computers in your LAN, without slowing down your internet.

  4. Under the tab ‘Destinations’ you can setup backup destinations and start the creation of the first backup files.

    Computers – To utilize space at another computer as backup destination, you click on ‘Computers’ and follow the instructions in the program.
    Folders - Click ‘Folders’ to select a local destination, such as an external hard disk or on the server at work. Click the button ‘Select’ and check the folder where you want to keep the backup files.
    Online - ‘Online’ lists the addresses of your online backup provider.
  5. Go back to the tab ‘Backup’ to follow the status of the program. Making the initial backup can take several hours. After that CrashPlan PRO only sends new files and changes to existing files, which of course is considerably less time consuming.
  6. You can now close the program. CrashPlan PRO will continue backing up in the background. Would you like to check the status of the program or to see the settings? Then simply start the program again.

A single file restore

  1. Open the program and go to the tab ‘Restore’.
  2. At the top of the window select through the drop-down menu the backup location of the document where you want to restore.
  3. Navigate to the file. You flip open a folder by pressing the gray triangles to click.
  4. Select the version you want to restore by placing a checkmark in the box in front of the filename, and click restore.

Schritt für Schritt CrashPlan PRO installieren und konfigurieren Stap-voor-stap CrashPlan PRO installeren & instellen voor Pro Backup